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ABOUT THE ARTIST. Willow Heath is a watercolor artist, illustrator, storyteller, and art instructor.  Willow has been exhibiting her paintings in galleries and museums since 1996 and has been instructing art courses throughout the Seattle area since 2000. 

BORN IN THE WILD. Born in the remote Alaskan wilderness Willow  spent the early years of her childhood off-the-grid on a Yukon River homestead. Willow's later childhood was a nomadic existence immersed in arts and culture, as she traveled the United States in a converted school bus with her artist mother. Willow has gained a reputation in many Seattle schools as the storytelling artist, her students are absolutely enthralled listening to tales of Willow's Alaskan childhood adventures which she also brings to life in her classroom demonstrations.

WILLOW’S WATERCOLORS are composed mainly of vignette inspirations each displaying Willow's eye for detail, experimental techniques,  and love of watercolor.  "Each new painting represents a joyful experimentation between subject, medium, and technique.” When asked why she doesn't commit to one subject. The artist replies, "Each painting is my favorite when I am creating it. My love of portrait painting is equal to my love of watercolor nature scenes, and equal still to my love of illustrating food."

SEATTLE. Willow lives in Seattle where she instructs painting courses to adults and children, paints galaxies, watercolor portraits, and the occasional galaxy watercolor portrait.  When she does not have her paint to the paper or her nose in a book, you can find Willow instructing courses at Gage Academy of Art, Pratt Fine Art, Coyote Central, and many other Seattle schools and museums.

WILLOW’S ILLUSTRATIONS.  In 2019 Willow’s first illustration project was published by Random House/ Rodale Kids. Lasting Love, a children’s book by Caroline Wright and illustrations by Willow can be found wherever books are sold. In 2020 Willow was nominated for best picture book illustrator by the Washington State Book Awards. In 2020 Willow painted over 40 watercolor food illustrations for SOUP CLUB  (Simon & Schuster 2021) a plant based cookbook by author, cook, cancer survivor, and warrior mama Caroline Wright.

Soup club cookbook 2020.jpg
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As an artist I create my paintings from personal inspirations, and as a teacher I guide my students through the building blocks to reflect their own inspirations. I believe it is important to enjoy the process of art as much as the outcome. With this in mind I design curricula that reflect both the inspirational and the technical qualities within the creative process.  Through teaching art I have developed a greater understanding of my own process and am able to provide my students with a solid foundation to express their artistic visions.  All that aside, my teaching style is really relaxed and full of humor, storytelling, questions, and guided narration while channeling my inner Bob Ross.

-Willow Heath

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